Van Dunson


      From his early years to the present, Van’s musical journey is not unlike anyone else's who has ever followed their dream forging a new path through uncharted territory. He formed his first band while still in high school and played cover tunes along with a variety of his own original songs thrown in the mix. Three years into college Van organized a progressive rock trio that performed at many of the local venues and media sponsored events. A year later he found himself parked at the corner of Hollywood and Vine with a U-Haul trailer full of band equipment. Although out of work and low on cash, luck was on his side. He made some important contacts, and a whole new world of possibilities opened. It wasn’t long before he was performing with an innovative band in some of LA’s finest rock clubs.


     Van worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the mainstream of an ever-growing pop culture. His unique, versatile style proved to be a great advantage as he became a member of SAG and AFTRA. Early in is career, his song Mr. Penny Pincher was recorded by Steppenwolf and featured on their Hour of The Wolf LP. While under contract with The Bicycle Music Company, the Van Dunson album was released. Produced by David Rosner and Margo Guryan, the album received favorable revues in both Billboard and Cashbox. Van has worked with some of the finest musicians in the industry including Dee Murray, bass player for Elton John, Earl Slick, lead guitarist for David Bowie, Ian Underwood, Richard Bennett, Jim Varley, David Wheatly, and John Ford Coley just to name a few...


     With the new millennium cresting on the horizon and the musical landscape starting to shift, it was time to make some changes. Although his heart was still in progressive rock, he found new opportunity in the country/rock market and relocated to Las Vegas, where he played in clubs and resorts for several years. However, as Van continued to explore all the possibilities that the music industry had to offer, he switched gears and began writing a series of songs. He found a recording studio that felt like home, and recorded a new album, Neptune's Daughter, a compilation of eight original songs in a pop/rock genre. The album is full of unexpected surprises from beginning to end. Van's latest project includes a new single and music video, An Affair of the Heart, which is now available for download at all the major music services. 

Studio Shots